Auction Rules

YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO BID. All individuals intending to place bids must complete the registration process. Only those who have successfully registered as bidders shall be permitted to assert ownership rights over the vehicle. Should any assistance or accelerated approval be needed, please contact beep Beep USA  Auction. Our customer service team will offer guidance and provide step-by-step assistance during the registration procedure. Licensed dealers are urged to have their Dealer License ID and expiration date readily available. Private customers are requested to have their driver's license and its expiration date prepared. For verification purposes, please ensure that the government-issued photo ID corresponds to the buyer's information, and is present at time of payment.

fHOW DO I BID?     https://info.traxero.com/hubfs/Documents/Auction-Buyers-Guide.pd

Log in to beepbeepusa.com .Click View and you will see the vehicles Running. Start bidding. 

*** Extra time automatically adds up if a bid is placed 90 seconds before the time is up***


HOW DO I KNOW I HAVE WON ? To easily find out if you've won any vehicles, simply log back into your account. Once you're logged in, the website will display any vehicles you have won. It's important to remember to check if you are the highest bidder. In addition to this, you will receive an email with further instructions and next steps. If you prefer, you can also opt to receive text notifications regarding your bidding status.

IF BID  An IF bid is a bid placed below the reserve price of an item. Although the bidder is not declared the winner at the end of the auction, they may be contacted by the auctioneer with a counter-offer to purchase the item. The bidder should check their dashboard to find out if they have received a counter-offer. 

HOW DO I PAY? We accept CASH, Credit Card (3%), Cashiers Check and Wire Transfer. Beep Beep USAAuction will have the billing paperwork and the keys once payment is received.


ADDITIONAL FEESA Transfer fee of $120.00 per vehicle  plus tax and title fee. will be applied from retail customers.

HOW SOON CAN I PICK UP MY CAR? Usually, the vehicles will be billed and ready for pickup by the end of business on the day of the auction. If you need a rush, let the auction managers know.

 PAYMENT AND PICKUP OBLIGATIONS: All vehicles purchased at auction must be paid in full within 24 hours of the auction, and must be picked up no later than 4pm on Thursday following the auction. Failure to adhere to these obligations will result in the imposition of storage fees at a rate of $25.00 per day per vehicle.

POST-SALE RESTRICTIONS: No maintenance or repairs shall be conducted. The presence of locksmiths shall be prohibited. The installation of fuel or batteries is strictly prohibited. In the event that the vehicle fails to start, the purchaser is obligated to organize a towing service.Beep Beep USA Auction offers assistance with towing services, which may be requested upon completion of the final payment. Any towing company wishing to retrieve the vehicle from this location must be adequately insured with general liability and workman’s compensation coverage. Additionally, the company is required to provide a hold harmless agreement on official letterhead. A loading fee amounting to $35 will be enforced if loading is deemed necessary. To confirm loading arrangements, kindly address the matter during the final payment process.

                                                  NO EXCEPTIONS


This is an “AS IS Auction”, we do everything in our power to list the

cars condition accurately and highlight the major flaws in advance on the site. All vehicles sold as is how is, where is.

It is the buyers’ responsibility to review and judge vehicle condition

before bidding.


***We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone At Anytime For Any Reason***